Featuring this time we have a Whale Shark! With a 1.5 meter wide mouth, Italian Pizzerias participating in the record for making the world’s largest pizza obviously had this gentle giant in mind, with afew extra toppings of krill, plankton and small invertebrates which make up the Whale Shark’s diet.

Rhincodon typus, the Whale Shark. Famous for being the largest fish in the Ocean, Whale Sharks are docile creatures that feed on plankton and small invertebrates in tropical seas. Should you ever find yourself giving constructive criticism to one of these gentle giants however, dont be afraid of hurting his/her feelings as Whale Sharks have the thickest skin of any animal on the planet, up to 10cm thick! Unfortunately this tough exterior isn’t enough to protect them from the shark fin trade, but conservation efforts are. Many countries around the world now recognise the Whale Shark as a protected species and actively engage in efforts to protect and study these amazing animals.