Perspective thoughts.

Perspective, I find,  is not something that everybody has a full view on. See what i did there? Perspective can be gained by viewing things from different viewpoints, different areas of study, from a human, or non-human viewpoint. Viewpoint and Perspective differ greatly from each other, in my amateur opinion. Viewpoint can be found by simply seeing what a thing is or where it is, whereas Perspective deals more with the Why? How? Who it is on the other hand sits on the line between viewpoint and perspective.  This, however, is looking at it from more of a philosophical point of view, rather than an art-related one.

In the lecture today I learned that Perspective can show how reality can be bended to see many different versions of itself, and how it can give new form to how things exist or how we see them existing in the physical world., Two major artist movements, Futurism and Cubism, with names such as the like of Picasso or Umberto Boccionni, Giacomo Balla, have been greatly influenced by perspective.

The title of the subject of the lecture was ‘Post Perspective’. I found it interesting and invigorating, viewing the various works of other artists and how they could bend reality and create ghostly images with their craft. Perspective, I think, is something that all artists should try to make use of in their work, either to draw the viewer in on some fantastical electric joy ride through layers of oil with that noxious perfume of turpentine, or to alienate them completely with a nightmarishly uncomfortable sight of the non-human viewpoints of Photo-realistic paintings of landscapes produced by satellites orbiting our planet.


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