“The Power of art”

The Arts and Crafts movement:

“It is not possible to dissociate art from morality, politics and religion.”

– William Morris

The Aesthetic movement:

“Art should be independent of all claptraps- should stand alone.”

– James McNeill Whistler

The difference between ‘art’ and ‘art work’.

Integrated v.s Isolated.

“If, as in Gothic work, there is perpetual change both in design and execution, the workman must have altogether been set free”

-John Ruskin, taken from “the Nature of Gothic” in “The Stones of Venice”.-1851-53

What we had discussed today, was the relationship between art for practicality, and art for aesthetics, with both movements of these sides pitted against each other. With the Aesthetic movement declaring that art has no need to be a part of society, and the Arts and Crafts movement declaring the exact opposite. However, the march of time and technology meant that the arts and Crafts movement would feel the bite of the Machine and the Industrial Revolution was to engulf the U.K. This means of mechanical advancement, meant for the Arts and Crafts Movement that humans were made less human, men being divided amongst themselves, instead of having an equal standing as one. Socialist ideas had been slain by this revolution, and the Capitalist had risen to power.


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