The Little Fir Tree.

This shadow puppet show was a pleasure to take part in. Narrating rather than be a puppeteer, I found that through use of creating language and a seeming over descriptive method of storytelling, Hans C. Andersen’s “the Little Fir Tree” is a story that I won’t forget in a hurry, that said, I’m not too sure I’d like to remember it. A story of a little fir tree, who longer to be big and tall like  all the other fir trees in the forest, yet all the while not thinking about the present. He goes on through his life, growwing tall and strong, then being cut down, turned into a christmas tree, always hoping for something better and not enjoying what he has in the present moment. then being thrown into an attic where nobody but mice and rats hear him telling the only story he knew, and being chopped up and turned into fire wood. The Moral of the story being that you can’t keep looking into the future otherwise when the future gets there, you wont have treasured the past as much. The story is indeed a sad one, but not one i’m likely to forget, with such an impacting ending with a good message.


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