Time Passes, indefinately.

At first, ( once again I find myself repeating the same thing for the third time), I had no idea whatsoever to do with this project. I played around with a lot of ideas in my head whilst listening to the brief and trying to decide what I was going to produce with it, but then we were sent into the outside to draw influence. We were supposed to choose a spot, any spot, and sketch ‘time passing’ in whichever way we saw fit.

This, I had a Problem with. Not a clue what to do, with all these vague ideas swimming in my head, I was as lost as a fart in a storm. Despite this however I set out determined to come up with something. “time passing” seemed to be everywhere yet how could I narrow it down?

I instead sketched things that appealed to me. Certain shapes and forms that looked interesting from different locations throughout the city.

A couple of Camera wielding people, photographing Cardiff Castle, and a roughly detailed sketch of a tower section of the castle’s gates.
A Reporter and his Cameraman at Cardiff Castle’s gates








Sketches of profiles of birds and a stone statue of a Pelican.
Roughly sketched and poorly detailed landscape from Bute Park, Cardiff
A bionic old Man, smoking a pipe. Based off an elderly person who, for his size, was walking very fast, as if his legs hadn’t ages with the rest of his personage.

After much confusion I decided then to limit myself and narrow down my options. Instead of choosing somewhere in Cardiff that i would then have to venture to daily and spend afew hours each day sketching/photographing/documenting, I thought to myself where the next best place could be; where i could illustrate time passing in both a conveniently easy place to get to, and a place where something occurs to illustrate time passing in a way that most might not have thought of. This then brought me to the realization of the oldest and by far the greatest way that man has been able to show the passing of time, was conveniently perfectly placed from the view out of my bedroom window: The Sun. Why I hadn’t thought of it before, who knows. But one thing I knew was this: in order to illustrate something as regular as the rising and setting of the sun, I had to give it a story. Something the reader or viewer could be drawn in by.

And so, The Man who makes the Sun Rise was born.

The Man, just before dawn, tries to catch some shut-eye before he has to wake up and make the sun rise.

An early concept of the Man having a conversation with a human who just happened to notice him during the twilight hour, the only time when the Man holding up the sun can be visible, when the sun’s rays aren’t as potent, otherwise the light from the sun would be too bright for us to stare straight at without hurting ourselves.
The Man, holding up the sun.
Storyboard ideas for how the Man rises the Sun during each season. Based on which season it is, he holds it up in a different way.

           I came up with different storyboard ideas and tried to create some dialogue between a human and this sentient being holding up the sun, but for some reason nothing really stuck until I stepped back and thought about the perspective of the piece.

All this time I was looking at it from my bedroom window, but what if I were to look outside the box, from the perspective of the Man? And that’s what I did. Instead of telling a story of time passing from the earth, I wanted to tell it from space, using seven images to represent an imagined and fictitious process by which the sun rises.

The Earth and Sun in Colour. The final piece I decided was going to be produced monotonously so as to build up to a final panel in 3 different shades of yellow.
The initial storyboard.


The Man in the first panel, in three different poses, I was to decide on the one to the left in the end.
The Earth from afar, with just a slight amount of light gleaming from behind it. A planetary eclipse
up-close, the continents wouldn’t be visible, much like during a lunar eclipse one is unable to view the surface of the moon.
The Man, reaching around the planet to draw out the source of this light.
As he draws out the sun we’re able to see more of its light, revealing it slowly
The sun nearly completely visible now
The final panel revealing how through this cosmic process the sun has risen over the city, as seen from the view out of my window.

After the storyboard was laid out the question of colour and composition remained. I decided to leave the 6 main panels black/white whilst the bottm 7th panel was made up of 3 different shades of Yellow. The first 6 panels would be stuck onto the 7th panel, with the picture on the 7th being at the bottom.

“I was, I am, and I shall be”
“and yet now, I have something… New”
“Now, I have a Purpose.”
“To bring Light”
“to a Dark Place…. And with it…”

Completed piece, with the first six panels on the foreground of the 7th one, and the light from the sun rising up between the darker panels.

I Found that, in the end, not only had I produced a piece of artwork, but through it’s process of completion and building up to the final piece, i had learned how to incorporate different perspectives into a piece of art, and how to successfully illustrate the passing of time, no matter where i was standing.