The city.

The Project is the City, and thus far it’s a complete mash-up of many ideas all fighting for space in a seeming crowded mind, but fear not! Through much delegation each one shall find their place.

At first I was very confused as what to narrow everything down to for a final piece, but then I realized that is going to be the last step and I’ve jumped the gun. I had to broaden my field of vision (no pun intended).

The City: A Collection of Humans in an Artificial Environment.

This is what first came to mind when I Thought of what a City really was at first glance. a Place, where humans in an environment not made by nature, live, love and work.

What can I know here that I cannot know anywhere else?

And What does this place know about me that nowhere else can know? Some food for thought.

I plan to use previously learned skills and new ones to come, in order to fully explore the possibilities. Research into various forms of media and artist is key.

The City.
The City.

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