Accurate representation, I dont know what the fuck i’m doing!

I’ve realized, painfully, that I have great difficulty drawing. I understand all the principals of depth perception and contrast and form and structure, but drawing for me is very difficult.

I like to draw though, and add some colour here and there. Accurately representing something can sometimes be abit boring so I like to make my own rules and add something that wasn’t there to begin with, like a different colour or shape.

What is it called? Why? I feel so uncomfortable when I try to accurately represent something, it feels like I’m not doing it any justice, but then, I draw the object in question in a slightly different way,

Bigger than the other one
Smaller than the other one


And then it looks right to me and feels right too.

Maybe this happens because I need to take classes, attend more life drawing sessions and ultimately prove that what i’m saying is false.
But before I do that i’m going to play around abit and see if what i’m saying has any deeper meaning. Image


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