Field 1. Part 2: The rush to find footing.

The next step of the project left me shredded and bare. I had nothing solid, or so I felt like. Like a rat in a heated box, I clawed my way through my mind to find something that made sense.

I realized through much thought, that what I needed first was abit of practice with chosen media.

I didn’t feel very proficient in certain forms of media, So I decided to go on a technical binge, experimenting with aspects of form, shape, colour, adding or taking away water and seeing how paint was affected.

Technique and method are crucial, and I feel like I am slightly lacking in both.

So I embarked on a journey to explore Black ink, continuous line drawing, acrylic ink blending and placement on paper and White gel ink on black paper.

DSC_2339 DSC_2341 DSC_2342 DSC_2343 DSC_2344 DSC_2346 DSC_2361 DSC_2362 DSC_2363 DSC_2365 DSC_2364 DSC_2370 DSC_2367

Acrylic paintings, experimenting with form, colour and brush technique. What I Liked the most was the brush technique, seeing how different movements created a ripple in the paint, and overlapping these gave the picture a certain texture. Perhaps this technique is best used with a smaller brush on fine details, like perhaps hair or cloth.

DSC_2351 DSC_2345 DSC_2380 DSC_2357 DSC_2359

These next five use acrylic inks, which attracted me because of the vibrancy of the colour. What I found was how to gain an interesting contrast between the white ink and the darkest shade of blue, by not mixing them thoroughly, but by turning my brush around and simply guiding the white ink into the blue with the blunt end of the brush. I tried using olive oil as a mixer to see how the viscosity of the ink was affected on one of the pieces.


With these next three pieces I wanted to start using fineliner pens and black ink. I like the solidity of black ink. First I wanted to try a continuous line drawing, but it didn’t work out too well. It felt like I was a caveman doing a cave painting. So I moved into the realms of fantasy and drew a three-mouthed troll. Besides what the picture was of, I enjoyed working on the finer details of the drawing such as the cross-thatched hide and the wrinkles on the extremities. The folds on the face I enjoyed too.


The third, was inspired by an album cover. The band Gojira’s 4th studio album entitled ‘The way of all Flesh”.

I wanted to become more proficient at illustrating the human form but in a non-conventional way. Leonardo da Vinci’s work on the anatomy helped me achieve this.

DSC_7361 DSC_7357

I also looked at Aboriginal X-ray paintings, in which the internal structures of living things can be seen. Combined with Andrew Loomis’ technique for drawing basic human figure, I had created this being.

Displaying muscular structure, organs in their place more or less, and a small form of the Vitruvian Man in his mouth. I suppose that the drawing is a deity of some great and terrible purpose, but the main aim of the piece was to illustrate the human form and its internal workings by means of imaginative representation with black ink and fineliners.



The piece on black paper combines the use of white gel ink, white and blue acrylic ink, and various coloursoft pencils. One thing i found very interesting about using the white gel pen, was that it created an overlap with each line. I used this technique heavily when working on the figure’s ribcage, limbs and headdress.





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