Forward to the cold light of dawn!

To start the year off, look down.


There’s a big monster called doubt out there, and I intend to meet it head on with all guns blazing.

We’ve been out for awhile, and in drawing (heh) knowledge from the summer and investigating the values of keeping an illustrative diary, a record of significant events, we’ve discovered that as long as a story is told there is still hope for any old doodle that goes down on the page.

Now for the doodling


Instead of using the old scrape it out straight line technique that I’m used to, I utilized a more condensed scratchy set of flicks and twirls of the pen, to gain a better grasp of the lines I was creating. The result gave the figure a slightly more textured look, complimenting form, but it was simply satisfactory, I definitely need more practice in this kind of drawing. I need to relax my hands and “listen to the Quiet voice”.


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