Inks and colour.

As part of developing style and technique, I did a series of ink paintings where, using very wet ink and allowing free flow on the paper, observing the shapes and patterns that appeared.

First I thought I’d try a medley of vibrant colours to see how each of them would blend with the other. I liked the various shades and their interactions visually.
I wanted to go darker, and see how many shades of…. dark, there are. Using afew tints of blue I wanted to try and find a neutral ground between the grey and black, and the yellow and slight skin tones to add some contrast.

The aim of doing all these seemingly pointless and messy paintings, is to then zoom into various parts of them and then see how the colours fight for space. The view of contrast between static and dynamic, and the ebb and flow, the movement of the colours clashing with one another.

Dulling it down again, this time looking at the contrast between black and white with some mild skin tones and yellow in-between. The skin tones were a nice contrast against the black and white, and i think they served as a good middle ground.

With these paintings, an idea has popped into my head about possibly trying to create narrative out of the movements and interactions of the colours. I might stick to black and white though. I wrote a short creation myth once about the creation of the galaxy, brought about the clashes between light and dark. Maybe I could incorporate sound into the mix as well….


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