The War in Heaven

Based on a short creation story I had previously written, I wanted to further explore narrative with only the use of colours. I felt like it was going to be a little bit of a challenge and I hadn’t really thought about what the final outcome would be, but I knew that I had to start doing something with what I had, and I had my inks.

img20150212_14594439 img20150212_15023944 img20150212_15010308 img20150212_14574139 img20150212_14551897

Here are 5 ink paintings that I completed. Each one is completely different to the other and all were done using black and white ink of very wet watercolour paper.

The Idea was to film and zoom in and out of each painting at different parts, starting with the black and then filming it clashing with the white. I had the idea of a battle between the forces of light and dark.

I tried to capture this as best as I could using the inks. Each time the two touched, the inks would meld together and create lots of very small detailed contours. The water on the paper determined which ink would dominate that part, and as the inks moved and as I moved them in kind, then pierced, bludgeoned, stabbed and shot at eachother with what appeared to be a surprising amount of 2-D force.

Sound was going to play a huge part in the narration of this story. I had recorded several progressive drum lines on a large Djembe (African Drum), which I was then going to play around with their speed, overlaying one onto the other, distortion, and then as the drum would get faster and more violent, the paintings would in turn show more dynamic parts of the clashing between dark and light.

I feel as though my concept was in good order, but a finished product would’ve been completely satisfying. I like the work that I did though, it made me feel like you don’t need characters or dialogue to have a story. I think that what I’ve learned here can be applied to future projects where music can tell more of a story that dialogue.


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