Inks and water; light and colour.

Inconsistency was my flaw when it comes to the work I was producing. The theme was constant, and the subject matter well covered and explored, but the medium was inconsistent. As advised by lecturers I’ve stuck to my strongest medium, inks and water. I love working with these the most because the inks offer the same opacity as acrylics, whilst keeping the viscosity of watercolours.

Looking up from the wall of a reef.


Using the different shades of one colour, I’m able to create viewpoints from several different environments in the ocean, from shallows and mangrove lined estuaries, to deep trenches and the pelagic zones.

Light comes into play in these environments because of the density of water and how the sun’s light penetrates into the ocean. Colours such as red and yellow are less visible in deeper water than blue and green. When an additional light source is provided however, we are able to see very colourful corals and creatures even at great depths where the light of the sun has little effect.


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