The final push.

The final push is now upon us.

From what we have now accumulated in terms of skills, contextualisation, ideas and communication, will now be tested in the curation of an exhibition.

To aid in this process and to add towards the final Vive Voce presentation towards the end of the year, a mock Vive was arranged.

Presenting my work was fun, I enjoy explaining and illustrating what I’m passionate about to others. Time is crucial. The mock consisted of a 10 minute slot for presenting and a 5 minute slot for questioning. The questions were helpful in identifying what I still need to work on as far as my work goes, consistency.

I’m confident in the amount of subject matter that I’ve incorporated into my work, but the rhetoric remained from the feedback: how do the images relate to one another? They may all be themed around communicating the ocean, and the ideas are clear and accurate in their delivery, but in order to have the same ideas clearly communicated without my voice to identify them, the work itself needs to be more consistent. The medium in which I deliver the illustrations that is, needs to be consistent. Inkwork and painting is what some regard as my strongest suite, and so I’ll stick to that. Working on a large scale, say A2 or A1, allows me to incorporate minor details wit ease while not losing focus on the big picture.

I wish to communicate the ocean with more ease so that people might realise and overcome fear, gain knowledge, and then act upon it so that the deepest frontiers of our planet might be explored and the veil of mystery that the deep holds to become slowly drawn back with time and curiosity driving us.

The first stage in this is to recognise our fear or potential fear that the oceans might hold. Diving has helped me identify many fears that are instilled from being in such a seemingly endless and potentially hostile environment. Fear of the deep, wide open spaces of the pelagic ocean, to fear of sharks, drowning, the dark and a sense of helplessness that some divers encounter, described by many as a strange sense of claustrophobia, brought on by the narrow field of vision that a mask provides or the weight and pressure of the water all around you.

These works will aim employ techniques to communicate states of isolation, panic and irrationality whilst divers are exposed to then vastness of the ocean.

The next step is to overcome these fears through the development of knowledge. Using the same styles and techniques visually, the next works will aim to illustrate how scuba diving allows us to become more intimate in a seemingly alien environment. I’ll hope to be illustrating divers both in learning scenarios and in exploration of the sea floor, coral reefs and open water encounters with large organisms (that would otherwise scare most people). The aim of the work will be to illustrate that through education and courage, we might overcome the original fear of the unknown, and will lead to further exploits.

From education and conveying information, comes the advocating of the concern all passionate divers have: the ever increasing state of deterioration that our oceans face. Statistics will tell you what the bigger picture is but it makes it very hard to grasp unless you see what the effects are of the myriad forms of pollution that threaten the health of not only the ocean’s denizens, but even the global chemical balance which keeps our planet’s generators thundering on below us. Previous work that I had completed regarding the Charities Brief around this time last year dealt with the same subject, and from feedback from that project, one of the most effective ways in getting the attention of the viewer was to illustrate subtly characterised marine life that had lost their lives to harmful fishing practices. I’ll investigate other ways in which to communicate these ideas of advocating the protection of our oceans.

These are my outlines for the work I’m doing towards the exhibition. All that is written here will be subject to change if necessary in order to fully realise the potential of this collection of work. Over the course of the next few weeks I’ll be producing as much work as I can, both conceptual and relative to the final outcome, utilizing as much as I can to make the illustrations stand for their message about realising fear, overcoming it through education, and advocating for the defence and conservation of the Ocean.





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