The first step for the project, dealing with fear of the ocean, had me looking to the deep. Quite literally.

Alot of people who I’ve spoken to who have fears about the ocean tell me of their fears of drowning and the open sea, how its possible for then to feel  and alone out in the open water and how hearing stories of rip tides and undercurrents pulling people under have scared them incredibly.

To try and capture these scenarios (obviously its rather disturbing to document someone drowning or being pulled under by a rip tide in real life) I’ve been working with various shades of blue inks in order to recreate a sense of depth.

I worked with different shades of blue to try and recreate various perspectives in the ocean. What can be seen here are shades of blue showing a reef, a kelp forest, looking up from under the water at a shallow depth and looking down from the surface into a great depth.

Each one of the images show different places in the ocean with well lit surroundings. The saturation of the blue increases with more sunlight. I found this out by using my underwater photographs as research material.

With continuing photographic excursions and more experimentation with inks I’ll be uncovering how to capture the right tones on the water to reflect the ideas that will be explored in the project.


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