Progression 2

After observing light play and how light influences the scene under the water, I started to come up with ideas for how to incorporate this into my work. I figured out that if I were to paint a scene of the ocean from the reef looking up, the light sources would either be off the page or in the upper left or right hand corners of the page. The alternative perspective, looking down from the surface onto the sea floor, the light will be evenly spread throughout the majority of the painting with only a slight darkened shade of blue towards the borders of the paintings.

On the left shows perspective from the top down and on the right shows perspective from the bottom up.

These techniques still need a little more work. I feel like because when diving I can see everything from the bottom up most of the time, it’s easier to recreate these scenes. Its only when descending am I able to see a scene such as the one pictures on the left side of the above image. These studies of light will contribute to the composition of the final pieces



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