I’ve put divers into the paintings so show a connection between the viewer and the situation occurring in the image. Divers aren’t some kind of mythological creature as most would believe, but becoming a diver and learning how to use the kit is a possibility for most people, even those who are handicapped or disabled in some way.


  The figures of the diver’s have been drawn in a way that shows fluidity and motion, something highly noticeable in the underwater world and has a great part to play in the way that you move and interact with the world around you. The yellow and white parts of the diver’s form were an experiment I tried out, using the colours to show chemical and pressure changes on their bodies, air spaces being acted upon by the changing pressure surrounding the diver’s upon descent and ascent. The larger image shows. Panicked diver, bolting for the surface with teltale signs of distress. His regulator mouthpiece is out of his mouth, his computer is showing signs in red warnings, and his submersible pressure gauge is showing his air supply is diminishing. There are a lot of dangers in diving, and most often these dangers are easily preventable and easily manageable with a high chance of the individuals involved to come out on top and unharmed. I want to be able to represent these problems by illustrating the divers in realistic situations. WP_20160307_003 (2)

I’ve tried to work the figure here into a background where the colours simulate depth and pressure. I don’t like the figure I’ve drawn here though, the reason being that the perspective feels off and the lighting doesn’t match the diver in the environment, he seems to not fit in, which works as we’re not aquatic beings but at the same time I needed this figure to work within the environment. WP_20160315_15_58_09_Pro

I’ve taken the yellow colour out of the image here, the reason being because unless you know about dive sciences, its not very clear what the colours are supposed to represent. In making those changes, I feel as though I had managed to make the diver fit a little more into his environment.


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