Divers 2.

Previously the way in which I had chosen to depict the divers did not serve me well. I thought something was missing. With a little thought and consideration, I decided to employ more pen-work into the diver’s figure, while keeping the environment’s around them the same.

This image was created by first painting the back drop, then adding the divers on top before digital editing, focussing on highlights and shadows, contrast, temperature and saturation of the image.


Through a combination of line drawing for detail and ink filling for opacity, this scene shows divers descending to the bottom of a shallow reef, their silhouettes appear as pitch black as the light beams down from above them.

The kelp forest was painted before adding segments of the diver into the background.


Here it’s plain to see the diver as the perspective has shifted from looking up to looking to the side of the diver. Here I’ve used mostly pen work to show the diver, with the colours on his gear appearing faded due to the light of the sun being unable to fully penetrate the water above him. The kelp forest surrounding the diver appeared as eerie and ominous before the figure was introduced into the scene. I feel this is important because is generates an emotional response to being exposed to such environments. Without the diver, it appears alien and potentially threatening. With the diver, it appears familiar.

Here the perspective shifts to looking up the slope of a reef at an angle, the light once again silhouettes the figure from above.


This last diver is meant to depict becoming at home within the ocean. What may potentially be a fatally hazardous environment, can also bestow the gift of tranquillity on those who embrace it. The ocean is both a place of fear and wonder, chaos and calm.


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