Ascending from the dive, subject PDP.

 Its strange that now, as I look back over the course of the last two terms, that I realize all the work I’ve previously done lead me up to this very point, where I’ve nearly finished setting up my final pieces for an exhibition. Each body of work that had lead up to this point was mostly themed around the research I was doing towards my dissertation, but at the same time I feel it was all relevant to the current project about emotional responses to the ocean. The theme might’ve been consistent, but the medium admittedly was not. I suppose that looking back I wanted to experiment further to find a style I was truly comfortable with. I began with sketches themed around coastal lifestyles back home in Tanzania, looking in detail at various marine creatures and ways of fishing employed by the locals.

I have to say that, although some don’t think this is my strongest medium, using pen and water colours, it certainly is my most enjoyable one. This set of images was helpful in the sense that I kept a consistent medium throughout the development of the images. The theme surrounding the ocean and how we interact with it I feel was important as this would lead to help me when designing the final project, keeping the ideas put forward while changing up the medium in which I delivered them.  From here I ventured more into the mythological, and began investigating Shark gods as part of my dissertation research.

This collection used more ink than pen work, I liked how the movement and tonality occurred differently when inks were used. Like the Charities brief ink paintings, inks put forward strong images.However there was context missing, these pieces didn’t really have much of a place and were more an attempt for me to visualize the subject matter surrounding my dissertation. This isn’t a problem as they were specifically designed for that purpose, but as illustrations I don’t feel that they were as strong, they weren’t real enough and couldn’t be applied to the real world. In saying that though, I feel like if the shark god paintings were aimed at a specific brief they would be able to achieve that sort of stance. All in all the most important thing I walked away with from producing this work was a consistent theme: the Ocean, interacting with it, and saving it. This can be said mostly for the Tanzania sketches investigating coastal lifestyles. This can also be said for the work I have done leading up to the final project, which I’ll elaborate on in the next post.


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