Again, just go with it.

After starting to break free of that initial insecure mold of “why am I doing this it looks horrible and nobody will like it”, I figured that it would be better to just go for whatever was on my mind at the time, and at the time (about three weeks ago) I was thinking about Mermaids. I had recently visited Torshavn in the Faroe Isles and they have lots of myths surrounding sea-beings, most notably Selkies (seal people who shed their skins to come on land and dance in caves during the night). Mermaids traditionally have notoriety staining their image, from mariner’s tales of their songs leading sailors to a watery grave, probably adapted from the ancient Greek Sirens which you can find in the Odyssey.

Disney then took Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Little Mermaid” and all connotations of vile aquatic temptresses were abolished by a sweet little redhead. But I like to think of them as maybe being a little more badass than that.


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