Dalt Villa

I’m sure many people go through that stage where creativity isnt flowing strong, and the only way to get it going is to just get something on paper. My problem is that I overthink making the initial decision to be creative. “Whats this for?”, “will it be good enough?” and simply “why?” are all questions I ask myself, thinking “I’m fully justified to put this off and be frustrated because I cant gove myself a good wnough reason to be brave and get messy”. The reality however is that I’m just a wimp and a snob. I cant simply pick up a pen or brush anymore and just mess around without trying to find some greater meaning or use for what I’m making. This is wrong on so many levels, and is completely the opposite of growth. Instead, heres a quick sketch from the thousand year old Dalt Villa in Ibiza. I really loved the blockiness of the architecture and it reminded me of Stone town in Zanzibar.




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