Nomads. Shooting Jellyfish in shallow waters.

After shooting in the shallows at low tide, I decided to venture out again only this time closer towards the high tide afew days before the new moon. Spring tides in my neck of the woods are a good opportunity to photograph some of the seasonal visitors, such as Mastigias papua, or the Golden Medusa.

Golden Medusa are completely harmless, and use a set of oral arms to catch zooplakton which they feed on. usually whenever I spot them in the water there are another five or six around in a short radius, which is unsurprising as they have been documented to swarm on occasion. Having a lifespan of around 4 months, they usually occur in Tanzanian waters between November and Feburary.
Being rather translucent in nature, working with exposure and the refraction of light from the sun with these creatures really helps to bring out some lovely vibrancy. The previous photo was shot while there was cloud cover but as soon as the sun shone brightly into the water again, the subject just lit up like a lantern.
Getting underneath the Medusa on occasion proved to be abit difficult as the water was only about a meter and a half deep, my strobe coming out of the water would throw the camera off balance, and they move quite fast for something lacking a central nervous system and a brain. The shots from afew inches underneath the subject proved to be very satisfying for my eye, focusing on a single point on the inside of the Medusa’s arms creating a sense of depth even within a subject no bigger than the palm of my hand.

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