Ibiza and the Dry-suit Upgrade.

The Emerald Island has been very kind to me indeed thus far, but she was a little cold at first. Time to put some thicker skin on!   The water temperature for the early summer months here in Eivissa is around 18-19°C, so a rather chilly change from the tropical water's I grew up in. … Continue reading Ibiza and the Dry-suit Upgrade.


Anemonie guards.

Small and fragile, Porcelain or Anemone crabs inhabit the surface of larger species of sea anemones found on coral reefs. The species which I've been able to shoot the most is the cream and pink-spotted Neopetrolisthes maculatus, which I've been finding n pairs quite frequently, with one larger and the other smaller (male and female probably but … Continue reading Anemonie guards.