Ibiza and the Dry-suit Upgrade.

The Emerald Island has been very kind to me indeed thus far, but she was a little cold at first. Time to put some thicker skin on!   The water temperature for the early summer months here in Eivissa is around 18-19°C, so a rather chilly change from the tropical water's I grew up in. … Continue reading Ibiza and the Dry-suit Upgrade.


Again, just go with it.

After starting to break free of that initial insecure mold of "why am I doing this it looks horrible and nobody will like it", I figured that it would be better to just go for whatever was on my mind at the time, and at the time (about three weeks ago) I was thinking about … Continue reading Again, just go with it.

Dalt Villa

I'm sure many people go through that stage where creativity isnt flowing strong, and the only way to get it going is to just get something on paper. My problem is that I overthink making the initial decision to be creative. "Whats this for?", "will it be good enough?" and simply "why?" are all questions … Continue reading Dalt Villa

Shooting with the new Housing.

Well as you can imagine I was devastated when my AW130 ended up flooding in August. If you ask any U/w photography enthusiast about their biggest fear I'm sure they'll tell you about their housings flooding and killing their cameras rather than the fear of heights or spiders. Crippling depression ensued, no amount of memes … Continue reading Shooting with the new Housing.