Alien Shallows.

A few weeks ago I had some time off during the day and realized that alot of the photography I had been doing was only during my dives. I thought I'd change it up abit and do some very shallow water photography, and when I say shallow, I mean tidal pools less that a meter … Continue reading Alien Shallows.


The grumpiest fish that ever lived.

Most people who dive avidly will tell you that one of the most dangerous fish a diver can encounter is the Stonefish. Synanceiidae, the family of venomous stonefishes found in the Indo-pacific, have an extremely venomous set of spines that make up part of their dorsal fin, which can deliver a potentially fatal sting to … Continue reading The grumpiest fish that ever lived.


With the Introduction of the new Camera, I had noticed that there were certain things that managed to appear with each submersion, and more prominently took the form of Octopus and Cuttlefish. What I mean to say is, I had seen more Octopus and cuttle fish and photographed them with relative ease, moreso than I … Continue reading Cephalopods

Shooting with the new Housing.

Well as you can imagine I was devastated when my AW130 ended up flooding in August. If you ask any U/w photography enthusiast about their biggest fear I'm sure they'll tell you about their housings flooding and killing their cameras rather than the fear of heights or spiders. Crippling depression ensued, no amount of memes … Continue reading Shooting with the new Housing.